Crimean Tatar Resource Center
3 April 2020

“Hostages of the Occupation”: Suleyman Kadyrov, police lieutenant colonel (photo)

The next hero of the project “Hostages of the Occupation” for his comment in the social network “Crimea is Ukraine. It has always been, is and will be ”was sentenced to two years on probation. However, despite this, he believes that every way to prevent the awakening of the people gives rise to even greater consciousness. Meet Suleyman Kadyrov. Before the occupation - a police lieutenant colonel, after - a public activist.

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Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program

The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program offers research opportunities at U.S. universities and research institutions for scholars, researchers and other professionals. It targets scholars and teaching faculty, who are either teaching at higher education institutions or are affiliated with academic, research, or cultural institutions, including libraries, archives and museums, or with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

Black Sea NGO Forum Mobility Fund for CSO Experts in the Black Sea Region

Through the Mobility Fund, we aim to encourage exchange of best practices, lessons learned, successful tools and projects that build the capacity of civil society organisations to engage in regional cooperation.

Grant contest from the Embassy of Slovakia in Ukraine

This aid modality of the Slovak Official Development Assistance is funded from SlovakAid and is aimed directly at small-scale projects which represent a more flexible, operative and effective financial support for developing countries.