Інституціональні програми

Competition “News: Journalistic Partnerships – Collaborations” 2023 of the EU program “Creative Europe”

Legal entities (both state and private ownership), organizations registered in a participating country of the EU program "Creative Europe", organizations from EU member states, organizations from European Economic Area (EEA) countries and countries , associated with the "Creative Europe" program, or countries that are at the stage of signing the relevant agreement, provided that it enters into force before the grant agreement is signed

Support of high standards of media production through increased international cooperation among journalists and media specialists

Financing 5 000 000 €
Deadline 27/04/2023

Інституціональні програми

Competition of concepts for the Human Rights Fund (Human Rights Fund) 2023


Promoting the observance of human rights and supporting Ukraine's policy in this area

Deadline 06/02/2023

Grant for media development from the US Embassy

Funding is provided to media organizations that provide training in war journalism, resettlement work, cyber and physical safety of journalists, and monitoring the protection of journalists' rights during war. Priority will be given to project applications coming from regions that have survived the siege of Russian troops or are under temporary occupation

Supporting independent media that provide objective and important information to their communities, especially those directly affected by the Russian invasion

Financing 50000 $
Deadline Permanently

Інституціональні програми

Academic online program Academy4UA for researchers in the field of EU law and politics

Для українських дослідників та професіоналів, які прагнуть розширити свої знання в галузі права та політики ЄС

Розширити свої знання в галузі права та політики ЄС

Financing Фіксоване
Deadline 20/02/2023