Rusiyede faaller qırımtatarlarğa qol tutıp bir kişilik piketlerni ötkerdiler

June 1, 2020

On Saturday, May 30, participants in the Russian Strategy-30 initiative held solitary pickets in Moscow in support of Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian political prisoners, for whom being in a Russian prison became extremely dangerous due to COVID-19 pandemic. They unfurled posters with the words: “Stop the rink of political repression,” “Protect political prisoners while they are alive,” “Terrorists without terrorist attacks,” “During a pandemic, any sentence in the Russian Federation is mortal.” The corresponding photo report cia their Facebook page was published by the protesters.

"Adisesiz olmadı: "diqqatlı vatandaşlar" polisni çağırdılar. Polis deral keldi (cinayet yerine böyle tez kelse edi). Yahşı, protokol yazmadılar", – tarif etti faalerden biri.