Manager of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Zarema Bariieva told the Italian magazine “La causa dei popoli” about the situation of the Crimean Tatars living under occupation in Crimea and southern Ukraine

February 16, 2023

“Due to persecution by the occupation administration, Crimean Tatars are forced to leave their homes and travel outside Crimea. The situation worsened with the beginning of partial mobilization for participation in the war against Ukraine. To date, more than 150 people are in the dungeons of the FSB both on the territory of Crimea and outside the peninsula, as they were illegally taken to the territory of Russia. Until February 24, 2022, about 30,000 left the territory of the occupied Crimea. Because of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war and because of the unwillingness to participate in the crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine, the Crimean Tatars are forced to travel to 3 countries”,- she said.

Zarema Bariieva informed the magazine about the activities of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center and noted that, for its part, the organization is doing everything to ensure that Crimea returns to Ukraine and the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored. This is important for the restoration of world order on earth. There are the following factors for this:

  • consolidated Ukrainian politicum
  • consolidated Ukrainian society
  • there is solidarity of the countries of the civilized world with Ukraine.

The manager noted that the Crimean Tatars are in the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions. According to the CTRC, about 500 people are fighting and defending Ukraine from Russian troops.

“Today, the situation is developing in such a way that Crimea will be de-occupied in a hybrid way, that is, in a military-diplomatic way. For this, it is important that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have all the necessary high-precision long-range weapons to destroy military bases in the occupied Crimea, which will significantly speed up the process of the diplomatic path of the de-occupation of Crimea”,- she stressed.