April 17 is a tragic day in the history of the Crimean Tatar people

April 17, 2023

It was on April 17, 1938 in Akmesdzhit (Simferopol) in the cellars of the Crimean department of the NKVD of the USSR that dozens of famous Crimean Tatar scientists, writers, historians, composers, and public figures were shot. All of them were accused of nationalism, but in fact each of the executed tried to be useful to his people and work for the good of the Crimea.

This massive execution was being prepared for almost a year, the Stalinist authorities collected fake”evidence in every possible way, interrogated and intimidated witnesses.

On March 5, 1938, Stalin compiled another execution list for the Crimean ASSR, in which 41 out of 60 people were Crimean Tatars, among whom was Asan Sabri Aivazov, the first Chairman of the Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar people.

On April 17, 1938, in relation to all Crimean Tatars, she announced almost the same charges, which boiled down to the fact that the accused were leaders or members of the anti-Soviet pan-Turkist espionage and sabotage-terrorist organization in the Crimea, which had the goal of overthrowing Soviet power, rejecting the fascist state under the protectorate of foreign states.

This tragedy has become one of the most massive massacres of the Crimean intelligentsia.

Now all the Stalinist manuals in the temporarily occupied Crimea are preserved in Russia, which violates the rights and freedoms of citizens on the peninsula. In the end, Putin’s regime will be destroyed, just as Stalin’s did.