Occupiers promise to pay Crimeans 10,000 rubles a day for participation in the war against Ukraine

April 4, 2022

In the occupied Crimea, preparatory work continues for the spring conscription to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. According to our information, land troops were sent from Moscow to restore order on the peninsula and ensure the draft campaign.

In order to persuade the Crimeans to go to war in Ukraine, the occupiers:

 1. Promise to pay 10 thousand rubles a day;

 2. Instead of military conscription for a year, conscripts are persuaded to sign a contract for six months (1 month for training, and the remaining 5 months to fight in Ukraine).

 Previously, a bribe to evade from serving in the nazi army cost 200-250 thousand rubles a year, now it is already 450-500 thousand rubles.  But not everyone can pay that kind of money.  What will ordinary people do?