What is the fate of children taken out of the new occupied territories of Ukraine?

January 27, 2023

Earlier, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center reported that 1939 children were taken from the occupied territories of the Kherson region to Yevpatoriia. They were placed in children’s health centers, 48 children were placed in Simferopol in the “Elochka” orphanage, and 34 children were taken to Anapa in the Russian Federation.

What happened to these children next?

The occupational media reported about 128 children who are in Yevpatoriia, and their parents are on the right bank of the Dnieper.

What we learned in January about the rest of the children:

All children’s health camps where children were, are currently used as hospitals and rehabilitation centers for Russian military personnel;

We learned that from January 2 to 7, children were brought to the New Year’s performances at the Simferopol Circus. Moreover, not only children were brought to the performances from the Kherson region, but also from Zaporizhzhia and Mariupol;

We learned that children from Ukraine are in children’s camps in Pishchane, Bakhchysarai district, in a boarding school in Luchistoye (Alushta) and Yevpatoriia (maybe we are talking about these 128 children).

In addition, according to the photographs published on the website Adoption in the Moscow Region, it was possible to find out that at least 14 children are in “Elochka” orphanage.

Recall that the Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War prohibits the transfer of children from the territory of hostilities to the territory of the aggressor state. They should be provided with humanitarian corridors to the safe zone of their home country or to a neutral country.