UN does not recognize Russia’s war against Ukraine as an act of genocide

March 17, 2023

Eric Messe stated that they did not find any genocide on the territory of Ukraine, but they were able to identify aspects that may raise the question of a possible genocide in the future.

“We did not find that there was a genocide in Ukraine. But we’re certainly looking at all kinds of evidence in this area. And we noted that there are some aspects that may raise questions about this crime. For example, certain statements in the Russian media that are aimed at certain groups. But we are not making any conclusion yet”,- Eric Messe said during a press conference.

Mykhailo Podoliak urged attention to the fact that the analysis was carried out by the UN-supported Independent International Commission, despite the fact that the Deputy Secretary General of the UN is Lieutenant General of the Russian special services Vladimir Voronkov, who works with the fight against terrorism direction.

“You and I understand what international institutions are. Unfortunately, they are imbued with Russian money, Russian influence, and often act as informal lobbyists for Russia or try to mask the crimes committed by Russia”,- Podoliak stressed.

At the same time, Podoliak stressed that one should wait for the International Criminal Court or a special tribunal, since the UN report of March 16, 2023 recorded a lot of evidence of war crimes by the Russian military. Among them: attacks on civilian and energy infrastructure, deliberate killings, illegal imprisonment, torture, rape and other types of sexual violence, as well as the illegal transfer and deportation of children, and even torture by Russians of a man for speaking Ukrainian.

“The commission was struck by the extent of the destruction it saw during its visits”,- the press release said.

The commission itself recommends that all violations and crimes be investigated, either nationally or internationally.