The occupiers searched the house of Ilver Ametov

February 6, 2023

On Sunday, February 5, in the occupied Crimea, the home of the head of the Sudak regional Mejlis, Ilver Ametov, was broke into by the Russian security forces. They conducted a search.

As it turned out, the search was carried out because of an anonymous call that allegedly a crime had been committed in the house of Ilver Ametov. The FSB claims that they called from a number starting with +044, but in fact the Russian security forces are only making this up.

“The search began around 19:00 and lasted two hours. It was conducted by officers of the FSB, OMON, the Investigative Committee, the Feodosiia and Sudak police. There was also an ambulance, RES, Ministry of Emergency Situations, traffic police, a car without identification marks. In total, about 40 employees were involved in the search. The search warrant was not presented to the owner of the house”,- Crimean Tatar activist Elmaz Akimova said in a statement.

The reason for the search, according to the Russian Feodosiia police, was a phone call received by the police department from the Kyiv number.

“The caller allegedly told the police that a crime had occurred in the house of Ilver Ametov – “his son, registered at this address, stabbed his wife to death.” Arriving, of course, they did not find anything, they conducted a search, examined all the premises in the house, recorded everything in the photo. After they made sure that everything was fine, all the employees left the house”,- Elmaz added.