The occupiers evacuated Crimean Tatar Leniie Umerova in an unknown direction

May 4, 2023

Crimean Tatar Leniie Umerova, who has been held by the occupiers in Crimea for 5 months, was taken to an unknown destination.

According to the woman’s brother Aziz Umerov, today their parents tried to visit Leniie in the isolation ward, but they were not let in, saying that Lenya was no longer there. He said this in a commentary to the Hromadske Crimea.

“Yesterday (parents – ed.) talked on the phone, agreed that today they would go on a date (you can only visit once every 15 days), my sister asked me to buy an English dictionary and a self-instruction manual, but her parents did not have time to convey it to her”,- said Umerov .

Now Leniie‘s parents physically visit all Russian services and look for her.