The health of political prisoner Amet Suleymanov is deteriorating

May 5, 2023

Political prisoner Amet Suleymanov, who is in the pre-trial detention center in Akmesdzhit (Simferopol), suffers from worsening health problems. This was reported by his wife Lilia Liumanova to the Crimean Solidarity.

“He asked me to buy him important drugs that would ease his breathing, relieve spasms and shortness of breath. The other day I was working on certificates for medicines, documentation, because everything is not so simple”,- said the wife of the political prisoner.

It became known that Suleymanov was going to be transferred to another pre-trial detention center.

“I went to pre-trial detention center 1 to submit two applications: one for transferring, and the second for a date, I wanted to know how he feels. The woman who accepted the applications began to look in the magazine, look for him and said that today he was being transferred, where she did not answer, she said we do not have such information”,- the wife said.

We remind you that civilian journalist Amet Suleymanov was arrested on April 6.

On April 26, the necessary medicine was taken from him, despite the fact that the doctors prescribed an operation to replace his heart valve and prescribed all the necessary medicines with their own hands.