The case of Iryna Danylovych was returned to eliminate violations

May 2, 2023

The Supreme Court of Crimea returned the case of journalist Iryna Danylovych to the court of first instance in order to eliminate violations. This is reported by the Crimean process.

The incident occurred due to the fact that Danylovych did not complete the familiarization with the case materials. The meeting was held in open mode, Danylovych himself was taken to the premises of the court despite her poor physical condition.

“The court drew attention only to the fact that for health reasons she did not have the opportunity to fully familiarize herself with the minutes of the court sessions. In this regard, the collegium decided to return the case to the court of first instance to complete the process of familiarizing the convict with the case materials”,- the report says.

We remind you that on April 29, in the occupied Crimea in the village of Vladyslavivka near Feodosiia, Russian security forces searched the house of civilian journalist Iryna Danylovych, after which the woman was detained.

On March 22, Iryna Danylovych went on a dry hunger strike until she was provided with normal medical treatment or until her death. She took this step in protest against the bullying of her by the administration of the pre-trial detention center because of the failure to provide medical assistance.

On April 4, the management of the pre-trial detention center promised to provide Iryna with an opportunity to undergo an examination, after which the activist stopped her hunger strike, but so far she has not been provided with any treatment.