Sevastopol citizen was arrested by the FSB on suspicion of preparing an arson of a fuel depot

May 10, 2023

It became known the name of a Sevastopol resident who was arrested because of allegedly preparing to set fire to a fuel and lubricants warehouse. This was reported by human rights activist Oleh Sofianyk.

The detainee’s name is Andrii Yeniukov, born in 2002.

“Converted to Islam, took the name of Abdullah. He studied at the Sevastopol madrasah. He actively spoke in social networks criticizing the Putin regime and the occupation of Crimea. He was arrested by the FSB on August 31, 2022, although the video of his arrest and information about the arrest by the FSB were posted only in November 2022”,- Sofianyk reports.

Oleh Sofianyk claims that Andrii Yeniukov was tortured with electric current in order to force him to confess to the crimes he was accused of. In addition to arson of fuel, he is accused of arson of a humanitarian aid center for the Donbas refugees. He faces 25 years in prison. Russian security officials do not comment on this information.

It is known that Yeniukov was transferred to Rostov-on-Don, and his family is asking the Ukrainian authorities to exchange him.