Russian courts received 536 cases against military personnel

March 22, 2023

Russian military courts have handed down more than 200 sentences for unauthorized abandonment of a military unit, disobedience of orders, and desertion by Russian servicemen. This is reported by the Russian media Mediazona.

Of the 536 cases, 25 are under Art. 332 of the Criminal Code (non-execution of an order), 21 – Art. 334 of the Criminal Code (beating the commander), 14 – Art. 338 of the Criminal Code (desertion). Another 5 articles unfold Art. 333 of the Criminal Code (resistance to the boss), art. 339 of the Criminal Code (avoidance of service), art. 344 of the Criminal Code (violation of the statutory rules) and Article 348 of the Criminal Code (loss of military property).

Most of the 536 cases are under Art. 337 of the Criminal Code of Russia (on unauthorized abandonment of a unit) – 471 cases. Of these, 249 cases of absence for more than a month. It is reported that defendants in almost half of such cases receive suspended sentences in order to send the military back to the front.

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