Political prisoner Ivan Yatskin’s health deteriorated

February 21, 2023

The political prisoner Ivan Yatskin, who is being held in a Russian colony, has deteriorated in health. It is reported by Public Crimea.

“While Ivan’s eyesight deteriorated, he sees worse, it became even more difficult for him to write. Due to the food and conditions of his detention, he has problems with his teeth, it is simply not possible to treat them in the colony”,- said the wife of the political prisoner, Hulnara Kadyrova.

The wife noted that once Yatskin had already been kept in the Detention chamber without shoes for more than a day, leaving the window open.

“Even in Lefortovo, when Ivan was placed in a cell with a certain fighter, they had a conflict, during which Ivan was injured. From the side of the medical staff, no serious injuries were found in Ivan, but he still has chest pains (according to doctors, this is osteochondrosis) and a constant severe headache,- Hulnara Kadyrova emphasized.

The Russian Federal Penitentiary Service does not publicly comment on the statements of Yatskin’s relatives and defense.

We remind you that in early December 2019, Russian security forces in the occupied Crimea detained Ivan Yatskin, a resident of Simferopol, on charges of alleged treason. Subsequently, the man was transferred to Moscow. He was arrested until March 16, 2020. Ivan Yatskin’s lawyer, Nikolay Polozov signed a non-disclosure agreement on the case. On May 21, the Supreme Court of the occupied Crimea announced the verdict on political prisoner Ivan Yatskin. The occupants appointed him 11 years in a strict regime colony with restriction of freedom for one year.