NATO in the media of the occupied Crimea: NATO is trying to unleash a third world war by intervening in the Russian-Ukrainian war

April 25, 2023

“The so-called NATO peacekeepers are just going to start a conflict on the side of our enemies. Pretty warm hands on this, bringing the situation to the point of no return. Unleash the very third world war, which is so feared in words. They will be a legitimate target for our armed forces if placed on the front lines without the consent of Russia”,- said Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Crimean media reported.

In fact, it is Russia that provokes the third world war, trying to draw China into the Russian-Ukrainian war and already de facto drawing Iran and Belarus into it. As for NATO, the issue of sending an Alliance peacekeeping contingent to Ukraine is not yet on the agenda.

We remind you that the Crimean Tatar Resource Center continues the column NATO in the media of the occupied Crimea, aimed at tracking fake information in the temporarily occupied Crimea about the values, goals and current activities of NATO and refuting this information.

Friends, how do you like this fake? Would you believe it?