NATO in the media of the occupied Crimea: After the protests in Belarus in 2020, the West wanted to start a war in the Donbas

December 27, 2022

“In the near future we will publish these facts, as Western countries should have after the 2020 rebellion in Belarus, if the situation develops and they reach the border with the Smolensk region, NATO and troops seize power from us, start a war with Russia from the Donbas”,- self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

This is a statement from the category “I will show you where the attack on Belarus was prepared from”. In fact, it was the President of Belarus who provided the Russians with a foothold for an attack on Ukraine in February 2022 and further supports the aggression against our state, providing the occupants with equipment, training grounds, and airfields to accommodate Russian aircraft.

The accusation of NATO is just Lukashenko’s justification before the citizens of Belarus for his complicity in the crimes of Russia.

We remind you that the Crimean Tatar Resource Center has launched a new column NATO in the media of the occupied Crimea, aimed at tracking fake information in the temporarily occupied Crimea about the values, goals and current activities of NATO and refuting this information.