How do different categories of people in Crimea react to explosions?

August 23, 2022

The Head of the Board of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, the head of the Department of Legal and Foreign Affairs of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Eskender Bariiev, told in an interview with the Priamyy TV channel how the occupied Crimea reacts to the explosions.

"Indeed, there are 3 categories of people who are currently in Crimea and each has a different reaction to the explosions. If we are talking about representatives of the indigenous Crimean Tatar people, then the majority are waiting for deoccupation. Of course, when explosions occur, shrapnel scatters for 10 km, as was the case in Dzhankoy district. Explosions were also heard 30 km away in the village of Nyzhniohirskyy, but people are waiting, they have hope for the return of Crimea to Ukraine",- he said.

Bariiev determined that another category of people are Crimean collaborators and Russian citizens who are now illegally living in Crimea. When there was an explosion in Novofedorivka, they were scared, and then they calmed down due to the reports of local media with a fake report about an alleged explosion at a shawarma restaurant, and not a missile strike. After the Dzhankoi explosions and the explosions near the village of Hvardiiske, they began to talk about it in a different way. Earlier they declared their support for Putin, the so-called elimination of the Nazis, and now they are talking about the damage caused by the explosions to the civilian population of Crimea.

"Another category are the vacationers in Crimea. They began to actively collect things and leave Crimea. 170 people were evacuated from Dzhankoi district, and 140 people were evacuated from Novofedorivka. People began to apply for material aid, and the local occupation administration announced the allocation of aid in the amount of 10,000 to 100,000 rubles. According to my information, 2,800 people applied for help due to the explosions in Novofedorivka, there is no complete information on the Dzhankoi district yet, but people are also applying. That is, we see, the thesis that a large Russian army can protect the sky is a myth",- he added.