MP, help the prisoners of the Kremlin! (video)

June 7, 2021

The international movement for the de-occupation of Crimea and solidarity with the Crimean Tatar people #LIBERATECRIMEA and the Crimean Tatar Resource Center presents a video as part of the campaign MP, help the prisoners of the Kremlin!. We call on Ukrainian parliamentarians to take patronage over Crimeans who have been arrested or persecuted by the Russian occupants.

For this, Ukrainian MPs are invited to:

1. Publicly (at a press conference, via the Facebook page, Twitter, etc.)  declare that one of the Kremlin's captives has been taken under its patronage;

2. Make public statements about this political prisoner at least once a month;

3. Apply to the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and other state competent authorities with a request to intensify the issue of releasing the Crimean prisoners of the Kremlin;

4. Provide legal, political, informational, material and other types of assistance to wards and their families;

5. Attract colleagues from parliaments of other countries to take patronage over their wards;

6. Apply to the Trilateral Contact Group with a request to include their wards on the exchange list;

7. Carry out legislative activities aimed at ensuring the protection of the rights of political prisoners in the Kremlin;

8. Conduct other public events aimed at protecting the rights of political prisoners in the Kremlin;

9. Political patronage does not mean financial assistance.

We remind that theCrimean Tatar Resource Center and the International Movement for the De-occupation of Crimea and Solidarity with the Crimean Tatar People #LIBERATECRIMEA within the framework of the international campaign Atalık (Godfather) launched the campaign MP, Help the Prisoners of the Kremlin!, in which it called on Ukrainian MPs to take patronage over the Crimeans, who were arrested or persecuted by the Russian occupants.

On February 24, during the round table Crimean Platform: the path to the de-occupation of Crimea organized by the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Human Rights, De-occupation and Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, MP from the Voice faction Solomiia Bobrovska publicly supported the campaign and took two political prisoners: the defendant in the so-called Yalta Hizb ut-Tahrir case Refat Alimov, as well as Halyna Dovhopola, who is accused of espionage.

On March 10, MP from the European Solidarity faction Volodymyr Ar’iev also publicly supported the campaign MP, Help the Prisoners of the Kremlin! and took patronage over three political prisoners: over the defendant in the so-called first Simferopol Hizb ut-Tahrir case Rustem Ismailov, as well as over the defendants in the so-called Bilohirsk Hizb ut-Tahrir case – Enver Omerov and Riza Omerov.