Solidarity flash mobs with Crimean Tatars, Ukrainian sailors and political prisoners were held in Ireland (video)

January 21, 2019

As part of the campaign “United by the flag – #LIBERATECRIMEA”, Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine in Ireland held flash mobs in the cities of Cavan, Waterford, Limerick and Dublin, during which they deployed and signed the Crimean Tatar flag, which travels around the world for 9 months and on June 26, on the Day of the Crimean Tatar flag, will return to Kyiv. Participants of the events expressed their support for the Crimean Tatar people, as well as for captured Ukrainian prisoners of war and political prisoners held in prisons and pre-trial detention centers in the occupied Crimea and Russia. In addition, as part of this event, Ukrainians informed the Irish people about the violation of human rights on the peninsula.

#LIBERATECRIMEA is an international civil society movement for the liberation of Crimea and solidarity with the Crimean Tatar people. It aims to strengthen the voice of civil society, calling for an end to the illegal occupation of Crimea, a gross violation of international law and the root cause of the countless human rights violations committed in Crimea since February 2014. The movement was initiated a year ago. During this period, events were held in Europe, Asia, the USA, Canada and Australia in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. In October 2018, activists of the movement launched the initiative “United by the flag – #LIBERATECRIMEA”, within which the national flag of the Crimean Tatar people will travel around the world for 9 months and return to Kyiv on June 26, the day of the Crimean Tatar flag. In December 2018, representatives of #LIBERATECRIMEA announced a campaign “Candidate, tell: who does Crimea belong to?” It is aimed at monitoring the programs of candidates for the President of Ukraine for a plan for de-occupation of Crimea and an action plan for the protection of human rights in the occupied Crimea. Today, thousands of people around the world join #LIBERATECRIMEA and show their solidarity with the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar peoples.