May 8 – Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation

May 8, 2023

Today Ukraine and many European countries celebrate the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation.

It is on this day that we honor the memory of those who died during the Second World War. Ukrainians fought on the side of the anti-Hitler coalition and made a significant contribution to the victory over Nazism. The price of this was extraordinary human losses. That is why we know the cost of war.

But, unfortunately, we have been forced to defend our country for more than nine years. And since February 24, 2022, Ukraine has been in a state of full-scale war. Now we are fighting against the new Nazis – the Russians.

We are different from them. We say: Never again, and they: We can do it again.

That is exactly what happened…

But victory will be ours! And today  it has become one more day closer.

Eternal respect to all who opposed Nazism!

Glory to Ukraine!