Lawyers cannot find human rights activist Abdureshit Dzhepparov detained in Crimea

April 25, 2023

This was reported to Crimea.Realities by lawyer Edem Semedliaiev.

“Today, information was received from relatives about the detention of Abdureshit Dzhepparov, they searched the house, seized equipment, passports”,- Semedliaiev said.

The lawyer said that he visited the departments of the FSB, Center E (Main Department for Combating Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia) in Bilohirsk, where he was informed that Dzhepparov was not brought there. Another lawyer, Refat Yunus, visited the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, where he received the same answer regarding the fate of Dzhepparov.

Semedliaiev added that they contacted the 102 hotline and reported the disappearance of the human rights activist.