In the occupied Crimea, they plan to teach a course about SMO to schoolchildren

February 1, 2023

Deputy of the Simferopol City Council, director of school 44 named after. A. Abdenanova Gulnara Murtazaeva said that in the occupied Crimea, children will begin to study the topic of Special military operation in Ukraine.

“The information war is serious, children sit in gadgets for days. At this stage, I would suggest, and with this start in our school from the second half of the year, to include a course on the topic of today’s realities in extracurricular activities in history”,- concluded Murtazaeva.

Unfortunately, tens of thousands of children will fall victim to fake education. They are trying to rewrite history. But everyone in this world knows that the real crime, during which many innocent people died, was committed by Russia. And all the children of Crimea will definitely know about it when the peninsula returns home.

We remind you that Gulnara Murtazayeva is actively cooperating with the occupation authorities on the peninsula. Moreover, she supports the war crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine, for which she will definitely be punished after the de-occupation of Crimea.