In Crimea, the occupants built trenches and barriers

April 4, 2023

Frightened by a possible counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the occupants built a network of trenches in Crimea. This is evidenced by Maxar satellite images published by The Washington Post.

It is known about the installation of anti-tank stumps, artillery installations and ditches. In particular, it is noted that fortifications were built near such settlements as Vedmedivka, Vytyne, Armiansk, Maslove and some others.

Head of the Board of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Eskender Bariiev has already reported that the occupants in Crimea are bypassing the territory and are actively digging trenches.

“From our sources, we received information digging trenches not only along the coast, but also along the perimeter of settlements. For example, near the villages of Nekrasivka and Dmytrivka in the Sovietske district. And not only. We were also given information that the Russians were burying mines in the Krasnoperekop district, in the steppes. They are digging trenches closer to the Arabat Spit and Chonhar, in the Henichesk district, that is, along the Sea of Azov. But since the soil is very wet there, wooden buildings are being laid”,- he said.

Active preparations for hostilities are underway on the peninsula itself.

“They are already digging trenches along the perimeter of settlements in Crimea. We were provided with information yesterday that in the east of Crimea, for example, in the Sovietske district, they are actively digging trenches along the perimeter”,- Bariiev said.

How good this work is is unknown. We remind you that this was done with the help of cheap labor, which was recruited from advertisements in which people were gathered to create a working look.

Photo: The Washington Post