April 8, 2016

Until you are provided with a lawyer, remain silent and turn to Art. 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation"No one shall be obliged to give evidence against himself or herself, for his or her spouse and close relatives".

Remember – assess a particular question as such that may "give evidence against you".

Say: "I believe that this question will give evidence against me, my family and relatives".

Do not yield to threats or persuasion, such as "We will open a criminal case against you for the refusal to testify", "This is not a good tactic, it will only harm you", "It is better to cooperate, otherwise the court will not believe you", etc.

Remember !!!

·  An interrogation may not last more than 4 continuous hours;

· Resumption of the interrogation shall be allowed after a break of not less than one hour for rest and meals. Total duration of interrogation during a day must not exceed 8 hours;

· If you are subject to specific medical indications (contraindications), duration of interrogation is set based on the judgment of the physician.