Crimean Tatars, together with Ukrainians and other ethnicities, continue to courageously defend our country

December 28, 2022

For more than ten months, a full-scale war has been going on, which Russia started on the territory of Ukraine. All the inhabitants of our country were forced to radically change their lives, but, in spite of everything, we continue to defend and resist.

Different athnicities are fighting for our country, and of course, the indigenous Crimean Tatar people, who experienced a lot of suffering at the hands of the occupier before February 24, 2022, take an active part in the war against Russia.

So, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, a separate special unit Crimea was formed from among the Crimean Tatars in the ranks of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, which now protects the Ukrainian land in Bakhmut, took part in successful special operations in the south of the country and other hot spots.

The quantitative composition of Crimea subdivision is constantly growing, residents of the temporarily occupied Crimea and other athnicities are joining the subdivision.

Very soon Crimea will be de-occupied, and it is the Crimean Tatars who will take an active part in its liberation.

Two flags – one victory!

Glory to Ukraine!