Crimean Tatar Eldar Kantimirov has been held in detention chamber for three months

April 13, 2023

Since February 15, 2023, Eldar Kantimirov has been kept in the detention chamber, his term being extended for various reasons. It is reported by the Crimean solidarity.

The political prisoner himself calls this the pressure that is being exerted on him, because he is a citizen of Ukraine.

“The reason that we are kept in a punishment cell is that we are citizens of Ukraine. And here’s the rationale for it. When we were sitting in a cell where there were 6 of us, they only approached me and Tymur Yalkabov with a demand to go to work, knowing that there would be a refusal. Timur was the first to be fined and sent to the punishment cell. A few days after Tymur, I was also expelled to the punishment cell. Then every time, after the expiration of the next term of the punishment cell, under any pretext they continue to us, although those who were sitting in the neighboring punishment cell immediately after the expiration of the term go up to the cells”,- he wrote.

The reasons for extending the period, which was originally 12 days, are always different and formal.

“I didn’t button the button, I didn’t take my hands back. Somehow they continued Detention chamber for me when I fixed my pants from the robe, and in the evening I went out behind the mattress in insulated underpants”,- Kantimirov added.

Kantimirov’s wife, Elvina Useinova, reports that his health has deteriorated in the isolation ward: he is worried about lower back pain and oppression of the spinal nerve. The statements of the political prisoner to the medical unit of the correctional colony were not satisfied. The medical mat, with which he relieved the pain syndrome, was taken away.

Recall that on June 10 and 11, 2019, the Kyiv District Court of Simferopol chose a preventive measure in the form of detention of Crimean Tatars detained after searches – Riza Omerov, Enver Omerov, Ayder Dzhepparov, Eskender Suleimanov, Ruslan Nagaev, Lenur Khalilov. Subsequently, they repeatedly extended the period of detention.