Crimean Tatar activists were again handed warnings

March 1, 2023

Crimean Tatar activists in the occupied Crimea, in the village of Oktiabrske, Krasnohvardiiske district, received warnings from the Russian occupiers about the ban on participation in mass unauthorized events. It is reported by the Crimean solidarity.

Among those who were visited by law enforcement officers were the elderly parents of political prisoner Rustem Emiruseinov and Arsen Abkhairov, Crimean solidarity correspondent Kulamet Ibraimov, 64-year-old Shadiie Katyk, 61-year-old Zera Sativaldiieva, Yunus Veliiev, and even political prisoner Emil Ziiadynov, who has been in prison for several days in the colony.

All of them, a few days earlier, participated in a collective dua dedicated to the anniversary of the detention of three Crimean Tatars from the Krasnohvardiiske Group.