Citvic journalist Suleymanov is being kept in a special block – his medicines were taken away

April 26, 2023

This was reported by the human rights organization Crimean Solidarity.

Due to heart disease, the Crimean Tatar needs Bicillin-5, which must be taken once every three weeks. However, upon admission to the pre-trial detention center, Suleymanov’s medicine and syringes were taken away, the report says.

“Now the question is how it will go, who will do it, will they do it at all?” – said his wife Lilia  Suleymanova .

However, Suleymanov was allowed to keep some of the medicines with him – he takes them daily.

“Staying for two weeks in this smoky basement led to the fact that he developed shortness of breath and coughed”,- Lilia Lyumanova described her husband’s condition.