The Russian military is destroying the ecology of northern Crimea

March 23, 2023

Not far from the village of Novostepove (Dzhankoi district), the Russian military has set up a repair base for military equipment.

The Stepova River flows near the base, which the Russian military uses for its needs: draining water, washing equipment, and draining various fuel and lubricants. The river flows in the direction of Dzhankoy, where it flows into the Myronivka River, which in turn flows into Syvash.

Yevhen Khlobystov, a member of the Expert Council of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development of Crimea, noted that rivers in Crimea are vulnerable to precipitation and weather conditions, therefore it is very easy to turn a small river into a dirty stream, it is enough to regularly drain such substances that are related to fuel and lubricant.

The expert added that such rivers have a very low ability to self-clean.