Russia’s actions complicate Crimea’s adaptive resilience to climate change – Boichenko

November 28, 2022

During her speech, the CTRC expert Svitlana Boichenko noted that arid climatic conditions, adverse manifestations of climate change against the backdrop of inefficient government management and active military activity, significantly worsen the comfort and livelihoods of the Crimean population and complicate its adaptive resistance to climate change.

According to her, an increase in surface temperature and a decrease in precipitation, an increase in the frequency of abnormally high temperatures, rainless periods, dry winds, and showers are the realities of the present.

She stated this at a side event on the topic: The impact on climate change: Crimea, indigenous peoples and international crimes, organized by the Crimean Tatar Resource Center with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine during the UN Climate Change Summit (#COP27) .

We express our gratitude to the International Renaissance Foundation and the Initiative for the Development of Environmental Policy and Advocacy in Ukraine for the opportunity to systematically monitor the violation of the Crimean ecosystem and organize this side event.