Earthquakes in Crimea. Is there a threat?

March 1, 2023

Serhii Voloshyn, an expert of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, commented on the consequences of earthquakes on the territory of Crimea and the reaction of the Russian authorities to them.

“An earthquake with a magnitude of up to 3 points in the epicenter, i.e. 30 km in the Black Sea, is considered weak and really could not lead to casualties among the population and the destruction of buildings and structures”,- the expert noted.

Serhii Voloshyn recalls that the last powerful earthquake in Crimea, which led to destruction and casualties among the population, occurred in September 1927.

“It’s another matter that the message of the occupying authorities that there are no prerequisites for further earthquakes in Crimea yet is unfounded, as there are currently no reliable methods of predicting earthquakes. The place, time and magnitude of future devastating earthquakes, even in well-studied regions, are still unpredictable”,- he added.

The expert also noted that currently there is increased seismic activity in the relative proximity of Crimea, i.e. Turkey and the Middle East, which can lead to earthquakes on its territory.

“According to the forecast, at the maximum magnitude, the area of the earthquake on the territory of Crimea may be more than fifteen thousand square kilometers, which will affect more than five hundred settlements and more than a million people”,- he added.