A press conference was held in Simferopol on the problems of using Dnieper water

March 10, 2023

On March 10, a press conference was held in occupied Simferopol on the topic: The Northern Crimean Canal: How does Dnieper water affect the ecology of Crimea?.

During the conference, it was considered how the Dnieper water, which entered the Crimea through the dam destroyed by the occupiers, affects the current state of Crimea’s ecology. During the event, exclusively positive trends and the high quality of the Dnieper waters were highlighted, which in fact does not correspond to reality.

At the same time, the experts did not give any clear answer to the question about any negative consequences of this phenomenon. Thus, when the journalist asked a question about possible nuclear terrorism, alluding to the unstable situation with the Zaporizhzhia HES, the experts replied that they do not systematically monitor the radiation and chemical state of waters, and that other organizations exist for this purpose. What exactly – it was not specified.

We will remind that in February 2022, the Russian military seized the Kakhovka HES in the Kherson region, destroyed the dam on the North Crimean Canal and released water to Crimea, which has been occupied since 2014. The State Inspectorate of Ukraine stated that now Russia steals Ukrainian water worth 32 million hryvnias every day.