Liquid waste discharged into the sea in Feodosiia. Residents of the city demand the beach to be closed

July 16, 2019

Residents of Feodosiia in the occupied Crimea demand to close the central beach due to heavy pollution. According to local residents, by the central beach and the boat base liquid waste is being discharged alongside with the sewage water, which pollutes the water in the area. Aforementioned was reported by the Crimean “Primechaniia” media agency.

It is reported that residents of Feodosia are currently trying to petition the so-called Crimean and local authorities with a request to close the central beach for recreational purposes, into which municipal waste and sewage are drained by rivers.

The document states that on the central beach the sanitary and epidemiological norms are not observed near the sewage pumping station (Ultimo LLC) and  near the seasonal stand of small C-7 vessels as well.

Earlier this year in the village Koktebel of the occupied Crimea, the results of a series of studies of sea water demonstrated dangerous deviations from the permissible norms. In particular, the content of ammonium ion exceeds the maximum permissible concentration by 168 times, the phosphate ion by 39, the anionic surface active substances by 20, and the soluble oxygen is 60 times lower.

Prior to that, an illegal sewage pipe was found on the beach in Koktebel, along which drains merged directly into the sea. Later the video of the beach was published, where you can see how untreated drains flow directly into the sea.