Integrity in diversity. Let’s Save the Indigenous Peoples of Ukraine: CTRC starts a storm in social networks on the occasion of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

August 9, 2022

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center starts a social media storm dedicated to the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. We encourage everyone to be a part of this campaign.

In order to join the storm Integrity in diversity. Let's Save the Indigenous Peoples of Ukraine CTRC, follow the link to our pages in social networks:





1. Select poster

2. Copy the sample text and distribute it as your own message on your page or share your thoughts and experiences.

3. Bring friends.

4. Ask your friends to join the storm by private message with this instruction.

Typical text:

I'm joining Facebook – the storm of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center to show the whole world that our wealth is in diversity!

Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Karaites and Krymchaks continue their joint struggle to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine!

We remind you that every year on August 9, the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples is celebrated. It was approved by a resolution of the UN General Assembly in 1994. There are approximately 437 million indigenous peoples in the world living in 90 countries.

There are three indigenous peoples in Ukraine: Crimean Tatars, Karaites and Krymchaks. We must understand that our wealth is in diversity, but, unfortunately, for the ninth year in a row, indigenous peoples live in conditions of interstate conflict. Moreover, the homeland of the indigenous peoples – the Crimean peninsula and the waters of the Azov and Black Seas, Russia uses as a springboard for military equipment and bombing of Ukraine.

The actions of the Russian Federation make it impossible to realize the rights of the indigenous Crimean Tatar people to life in peace and security, provided for in Art. 7 Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

At present, in such a difficult time for the whole of Ukraine, in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war, it is important to continue the fight together. The Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar, Karaite and Krymchak peoples have one goal – to live in a free, integral and independent Ukraine and to do everything together for the victory of Ukraine!

Join the storm Integrity in diversity. Let's Save the Indigenous Peoples of Ukraine to show our enemy and the entire civilized world that, no matter what, we continue our fight together.

These posters were designed by activists of the international movement for the de-occupation of Crimea and solidarity with the Crimean Tatar people #LIBERATECRIMEA, and acquired their professional look thanks to Ukrainian artist Andrii Yermolenko.