The occupants plan to drill 36 wells in Crimea: will this solve the problem of water shortage?

October 11, 2021

The so-called head of the Crimean government, Yuriy Gotsanyuk, said that in 2021 the occupiers plan to drill 36 wells at four water intakes in the occupied Crimea as part of a comprehensive plan to ensure water supply. Will this really help to improve the situation with water shortage in Crimea? Will there be any negative consequences after drilling such wells? The answer to these questions was given by the expert of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Yevhen Khlobystov.

“In general, no, the issue will not be resolved, because water quality is variable and can change during the extraction process. Experimental drilling carried out by Rosgeology showed that it needs to be additionally brought to the standard indicators for chemical, organic and mechanical composition, but this is not provided. Even now, residents of Simferopol often receive water that is cloudy, with a noticeable sediment and an unpleasant odor. This means that the water in the reservoirs, in particular, Simferopol, after the summer emptying of the reservoir, has other characteristics. The same can happen with water from uncontrolled pumping from wells that have different hydrogeological characteristics”,- the expert noted.

Khlobystov added that the repair of water pipelines and the redistribution of available water resources between the civilian population, military formations and needs, and industry is now relevant. In general, the civilian population of cities and villages always suffers, except for the city of Sevastopol (due to the residence of the military elite there).