Results of monitoring of the water resources of the Crimean Peninsula according to satellite imagery

November 22, 2020

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Crimea's water resources, as well as the assessment of the ecological situation on the peninsula, need special attention. The peculiarity of providing Crimea with water resources is: increasing anthropogenic pressure on the state of water resources generated by population growth, use of resources in the process of militarization and in military-industrial needs, and climate change. The problem became particularly acute after the dry summer of 2020, when many media outlets began to report critical water shortages, particularly for utilities and domestic use. To what extent is the shortage critical and to what extent are we dealing with an objective reduction in water supply in the region, and to what extent – in increasing the use of water for the army, industry and population, which is constantly increasing throughout the annexation period.

The purpose of this analytical study was to review the water supply situation of the peninsula on the basis of satellite data and open sources and to identify possible factors that, in addition to the often mentioned climate change and water supply through the North Crimean Canal, affect the water balance of the Crimean Peninsula.