The main source of water supply in the village of the occupied Crimea has dried up

November 4, 2020

In the village of Zelenohirske in the Bilohirsk District, the main source of water supply has completely dried up, and there are no other sources there. This was announced by Maxim Novik, director of the Simferopol branch of the Water of Crimea enterprise, at a meeting of the operational headquarters on water supply problems.

“In Zelenohirsk, Bilohirsk district – from today we are adding additional equipment for supplying water. For this village, the source of water supply is capturing, which is completely dry, there are no other sources of water supply”,- he said.

The so-called head of the occupied Crimea noted that “we are ready for the worst.”

“Many people there talk about millions of cubic meters of water around Simferopol, and when it comes to showing where, then everything turns out to be completely different. Let's see how the situation develops with the weather, but, nevertheless, we are ready for the worst”,- he added.