“Protection of human rights in Crimea through the sustainable development of public diplomacy”

September 30, 2018

Supported by: Open Society Foundations, International Renaissance Foundation

With this project, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center set a goal – to inform the international community about human rights violations in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea via:

– education and training of 20 activists – representatives of the Crimean Tatar people and citizens of Ukraine from Crimea;

– personal correspondence (activists), group meetings of at least 1 thousand people and the development of a strategic action plan to respond to Russian aggression;

– organizing and conducting side events as part of an international event (UN, Council of Europe, OSCE) throughout the year.

As part of the project, 5 sessions of the Crimean Tatar Academy of Public Diplomacy were organized and held: 2 sessions as part of the project and 3 with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation For Freedom. The aim of the Academy is to prepare potential public (national) diplomats, providing them with basic theoretical knowledge of the activities of international organizations, their goals and role in the international arena.

Within the framework of forming a “circle of friends of the Crimean Tatar people”, contacts were established with representatives of the Sámi Parliament in Finland, activists from Kosovo, and an Austrian-Crimean Tatar solidarity movement was initiated. In addition, a database of potential friends of the Crimean Tatar people and Ukraine was formed and contacts were established with these people.

Based on the results of the project, 7 side events and 5 public speeches were organized and held within the framework of international events of the UN, OSCE, and CE.