The “Court” in Crimea changed the verdict to Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh

March 14, 2018

On Wednesday, March 14, the Supreme “court” of Crimea changed the verdict to the Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh. The “judge” Timur Slezko excluded from the accusation the item on acquisition of ammunition. In this connection, the verdict was changed to 3 years and 5 months of imprisonment in a colony-settlement. This is reported on the website of “Krym.Realii”.

However, according to the correspondent of "Krym. Realii", the "court" refused to satisfy the motion to call witnesses who were not questioned during the judicial investigation, as well as in conducting additional expertises, demanding additional documents and  conducting audio recording by the efforts of the "court".

Reference:  on January 16, the Razdolnensky District Court of Crimea sentenced Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh to three years and seven months of the colony settlement and imposed a fine of 10 thousand rubles. He was accused of alleged possession of ammunition.

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center states that the decision of the occupation court is politically motivated and criminal. This unjust decision is directed against dissent and all who do not agree with Russia's illegal actions in Crimea. Thus, Russia demonstrates the fight against dissent and freedom of speech.