Arrested after the search anarchist Aleksey Shestakovich stated about being tortured

March 2, 2018

Detained and arrested on March 1, leftist activist Aleksey Shestakovich complained about being tortured by Russian security officers. The journalist Anton Naumlyuk wrote on his Facebook page , referring to the words of Shestakovich, which he managed to tell to another detainee Ivan Markov.

"Anarchist Aleksey Shestakovich, detained and arrested yesterday in Sevastopol, appears to be in Bakhchisaray detention center, he was taken there after the administrative arrest, where he caught a glimpse of another detainee Ivan Markov, who managed to tell Markov that he had been tortured:  after the search put  a bag on his head and thus choking man, was transported from the house", – wrote the journalist.

According to Naumlyuk, the search in the house of Shestakovich lasted for four hours. Almost all this time he spent on the floor, being in underwear and handcuffed.

"His mother tried at least  toclose the front door of the house, but the police officers and investigative comittee who searched the house  did not allow her , kept the door open, and then pushed the woman out of the room. When Shestakovich was taken out of the house with a bag on his head, the mother began to tell the police that her son would suffocate, but he was taken away that way", noted Anton Naumlyuk.

Reference: on March 1, Russian siecurity officers conducted searches in the houses of left activists Aleksey Shestakovich, Aleksey Prysyazhnyuk, Igor Panyuta, Ivan Markov and Artem Vorobyov. Shestakovich and Markov were detained for 10 days. The searches were conducted within the framework of the case of Yevgeny Karakashev, an activist from Yevpatoriya, accused of inciting hatred and enmity, as well as the justification of terrorism.