Renat Paralamov’s relatives were summoned for interrogation

February 2, 2018

On Friday, January 2, relatives of Renat Paralamov, who had previously informed about abductions and tortures, were summoned to the Russian police department. According to “Krym.Realii” Emil Kurbedinov, the lawyer of Paralamov, said that Russian security officers “want to bring him to administrative responsibility”.

"Police officers" are interested in Renat Paralamov's whereabouts. They "wanted to bring him to administrative responsibility", presumably under Art. 20.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation ("Propaganda or public demonstration of extremist symbols").

"The relatives called me and informed that the police want to interrogate them about the whereabouts of Renat Paralamov. The police officers allegedly wanted to bring him  to administrative responsibility. They must be interviewed at lunch (February 2 – KR)", – said Kurbedinov.

According to him, the relatives appeled to the Russian police in order to find the people who tortured Paralamov.

The lawyer stressed that until this time "no one will reveal the Paralamov's whereabouts".

In the morning of September 13, a search was carried out in the Crimean village Nizhnegorsk in the house of the Crimean Tatar Renat Paralamov, which was called as "investigation and investigative actions". The lawyer suggested that the "inspection" may be related to the religious activity of Paralamov. According to the eyewitnesses, unknown people in masks and FSB attire broke into the house and took Paralamov away in an unknown direction. He only got in touch on September 14th. He was found at the Simferopol bus station. Later in his interview to "Krym.Realii" Paralamov told that "unknown people tortured him, put a sack over his head and electrocuted him through his buttocks".