They did not recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism – they supported mass murders.

December 6, 2022

On November 23, the European Parliament recognized the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism and called for its international isolation. The corresponding resolution was supported by 494 deputies, 58 voted against, 44 abstained.

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center wants to appeal to those members of the European Parliament who voted against recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

With such actions, you support all the crimes committed by Russia and Russian soldiers on the territory of Ukraine: murders of civilians, abuse of women and children, deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure, looting, kidnapping of Ukrainian children, destruction of cultural heritage sites, etc.

By not supporting this resolution, you have voted to support terrorism and crimes against humanity.

Today, the Russian Federation is terrorizing the Ukrainian people, but another country  can be next…

There is no place for a state-sponsor of terrorism among democratic countries!

You can find more information about MPs here.