What to do if you are forcibly mobilized?

November 21, 2022

As it became known to the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, more than 60 thousand summons were issued in the occupied Crimea, and about 20 thousand people were mobilized.

Summons were distributed all over Crimea, people received them personally in their hands under a signature, they were thrown into the mailboxes of potential conscripts, or they were handed over to their closest relatives, and there were cases when subpoenas were simply issued right on the streets.

Unfortunately, massive cases of forced mobilization have been recorded.

What to do if you received a summons, but do not want to commit crimes and become a soldier in the Russian army?

Leave the peninsula, if possible, and travel to third countries.

Refuse to participate in the Russian-Ukrainian war. For this you may end up in prison, but it is better to spend a few years behind bars than to die for the interests of others.

Surrender to the AFU.


Very soon, Crimea, like Kherson, will be liberated and justice will be restored. Do you want to get a life sentence for a war crime or pay with your life?

There is always a choice, as well as a way out!