NATO in the media of the occupied Crimea: NATO Secretary General conducted secret preparations for Ukraine to strike Crimea

August 30, 2022

“Jens Stoltenberg (NATO Secretary General) entered into a conspiracy with Ukraine, France and Germany, the purpose of which was to preserve the Minsk agreements. The latter were required to buy time for Kyiv. This respite was needed to create a powerful NATO-standard military force on Ukrainian soil capable of inflicting a knockout blow on the breakaway Donbas and even Crimea. If Russia had not launched a special operation in Ukraine, NATO would have been able to bring its plan to life”,- Scott Ritter, ex-spy of the US Marine Corps. This statement was quoted by the Crimean occupational and federal media.

In fact, there were no conspiracies to preserve the Minsk agreements and create armed forces according to NATO standards. It was an open process initiated by Kyiv, not Stoltenberg. Mass deliveries of weapons from NATO states began only after the full-scale invasion of Russia.

We remind you that the Crimean Tatar Resource Center has launched a new column NATO in the media of the occupied Crimea, aimed at tracking fake information in the temporarily occupied Crimea about the values, goals and current activities of NATO and refuting this information.