The occupants detained a resident of the Kherson region Oleksii Troian

August 22, 2022

On Friday, July 29, the Russian occupants detained at the Perekop checkpoint a resident of the Kherson region Oleksii Troian, who was trying to take his family out of the occupied territory. They planned to leave through Crimea. The occupants let the man’s wife and children through, but he was detained. Oleksii’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Oleksii Troian, born on August 27, 1986, a resident of the Kherson region, Kakhovka district, Dolynske village, was first detained at the Perekop checkpoint, apparently for initial interrogation. His wife and children were let through. According to his wife, Svitlana Troian, she could watch from afar how the man was taken from building to building (he was interrogated in a room where blows against the wall were heard, and when he was taken out, it was clear that he was hurt. He was told that will be taken to the pit.

According to witnesses, Oleksii Troian was taken by car to the building of the federal security service of the border zone in Armiansk.

The next day, 07/30/2022, the wife, together with friends, tried to find out the reason for the detention and the condition of Oleksii Troian. Nobody was allowed to see him. From someone else's Russian phone number, Oleksii called his friends on the phone and said that everything was fine with him.

After July 30, Oleksii Troian tried to get in touch twice: on August 2 and on August 4.

It is known that the man's wife received a message from Nikolai Strakhov that Oleksii Troian is in Simferopol and will soon get in touch himself. Relatives suggest that this is due to his previous post. In previous elections (until 2020), Oleksii served as the Chairman of the Khrestivka UTC in the Kherson region.

For now, his whereabouts remain unknown.