“My Crimea” amateur video contest: voting begins!

August 2, 2022

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center has completed the compilation of works for the amateur video contest “My Crimea”. Now let’s move on to the second stage – voting!

We remind you that the goal of the "My Crimea" amateur video contest is to support the morale, stability and unity of Ukrainian society in the struggle to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine, demonstrate solidarity with the Crimean Tatar people, support the relevance of the issue of de-occupation of Crimea in the information space of Ukraine.

To participate in the competition, it was necessary to shoot a video on the topic: "My Crimea", in which, through the prism of the author’s own experiences, images, emotions, the atmosphere, spirit, traditions, culture, features of Crimea and its significance for Ukrainian society and the author personally are conveyed. So, we have received a number of interesting videos and we invite you to familiarize yourself with them at the link.

What's next?

Open voting will last from August 2 to August 16 via the #LIBERATECRIMEA Facebook page.

Encourage your friends and acquaintances to vote for your video. After all, the winner will be those participants who will gain the most likes under their video.

As a reminder, our prizes (a mobile phone, bluetooth headphones, a UFT selfie tripod with an LED ring, as well as T-shirts with visual products of the CTRC) are already waiting for their owners.

We wish everyone good luck!

May the best video win!