Gathering experience from all over the world!

July 26, 2022

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center has been operating for more than seven years. During all this time, we have organized hundreds of actions, dozens of effectively conducted advocacy and information campaigns, exhibitions, side events, trainings, press conferences, presentations of documentaries and videos about Crimea, seminars, schools, camps, academies, etc.

Such work requires highly qualified representatives of the CTRC. Effective training of other people requires systematic work on oneself, familiarization with the best practices in the world, exchange of experience to improve one's own skills and abilities.

Therefore, the team of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center does not stand still.

While the male part of our team is engaged in important matters in Ukraine, the female representatives of the CTRC over the past two weeks have drawn their knowledge and improved their skills within the framework of events organized by our partners in:

Germany (Seminar: Freedom of the Press: Challenges in the digital age)

Switzerland (15th Session of the Expert mechanism on the rights of indigenous peoples)

Austria (75th Salzburg Global Seminar: Connecting and Supporting Ukrainian Civil Society in Time of War).

We are grateful to our partners and event organizers for the opportunity to gain new knowledge and make useful contacts.

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