NATO in the media of the occupied Crimea: NATO has placed biological laboratories in Ukraine

June 21, 2022

“The biological laboratories of the United States, created along the perimeter of Russia, can be considered NATO facilities. The United States and NATO have occupied Ukraine for 20 years, the information was confirmed by the Pentagon. This can be considered a political and military occupation”,- Irina Yarovaya, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

This statement was replicated by all federal media.

In fact, neither the United States nor any other NATO state has created any biological laboratories. Apart from Russia itself, not a single state has confirmed the existence of such facilities either in Ukraine or in the states of the Alliance.

The so-called evidence of the existence of laboratories are only statements by Russian officials and publications of propagandists. These and similar statements are intended only to justify the aggression against Ukraine.

We remind you that the Crimean Tatar Resource Center has launched a new column NATO in the media of the occupied Crimea, which aims to track fake information in the temporarily occupied Crimea about the values, goals and current activities of NATO and debunk this information.