NATO in a changed world: Alliance Secretary General to speak ahead of summit

June 21, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has turned NATO’s position in the world upside down. The war led to a massive change in public attitudes towards the Alliance as a guarantor of security in Europe. On June 22 at 16:30 CEST (17:30 Kyiv time), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will talk about what war means for the organization and its future activities.

Since the outbreak of a full-scale war, NATO has been rapidly strengthening its eastern flank and trying to support Ukraine without getting involved in hostilities and without provoking Vladimir Putin to escalate the conflict.

Later this month, 30 NATO leaders will meet in Madrid for a key summit. And on the eve of this event, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will deliver a speech in Brussels on June 22 about what war means for NATO and the future security of all of Europe.

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We call on everyone to join the event to strengthen the work of Ukraine and NATO, aimed at creating stability in the Ukrainian society in the information sphere.